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Seen a few too many "hijacking caught on camera" videos in your Facebook feed? You know that if you were to ever end up in the same situation, you'd want to get out of as quickly as possible. With the BMW Defensive Driving Course, be sure to use your vehicle to get out of any dangerous situation.

If the fear of being involved in an accident scares you more than being hijacked, the best solution for you would be to complete the BMW Collision Avoidance and Skid Control course. Not only will you learn how to avoid an impending accident, but you'll also gain critical skills in how to gain control of your vehicle should you lose traction while driving.

Now, we know that sitting in traffic and stressing about what could possibly happen is stress-inducing, and even though learning valuable driving skills in a BMW sounds like a lot of fun, you'd rather have an outdoor adventure. If you're a thrill seeker looking to get your heart racing, take it to the extreme and go bungy jumping. Scared of heights? Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and have an adventure in Beautiful Hout Bay with sandboarding for two. Have your SO join in on the fun.

While we're on the subject of your loved one, why not spoil them with a truly unique wine tour for two in Stellenbosch boasting breathtaking views across the Cape Winelands? If you'd prefer a quiet night out with that special someone, and you're not as close to the Cape Winelands as you'd wish to be, you could still get out of the everyday hustle that is the big city. Book a date night package for two at the Lombardy Boutique Hotel which includes one night of accommodation.

Okay, so just because you're a one-man show doesn't mean you don't get to go on extravagant dates. Book yourself a dinner in the sky for one. You deserve to be treated. All these and other great gift experiences are available.