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Resistance Bands & Suspension Training

The way we look at fitness is changing. Slogging it out in the gym with weights or on a treadmill to get in shape is now a thing of the past. Harness the power of simple yet innovative fitness gadgets to get the body you've always wanted, plus feeling great and keeping your stress levels at bay.

Resistance Band Training has been around for ages and is a simple, yet highly effective and affordable way to workout the way you want to, and just about anywhere you want to. These resistance bands have varying levels of resistance depending on your fitness level or desired training strength. They're lightweight and super portable. So you can take them on travels or pack them away in a drawer.

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Powerball SportsGyro™

The gyroscopic action of Powerballs provides targeted resistance when in use. So you’re getting a non-strenuous workout which targets your arms, hands and wrists. They’re fun and easy to use. Powerball products improve fitness and well being across a wide range of sports and lifestyle activities. All sports where you need to improve grip, wrist or arm strength are covered. They’re also great for injuries and rehabilitation where you might be out of action from doing the things you love but need to keep your muscles engaged to help recovery.

Essentials & Accessories

Complete your fitness regime with some of these handy accessories and exercise essentials.