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Nord or Imperial? Horde or Alliance? Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist? Plumber or Kong? To be perfectly honest with you, we don't really care which way you sway, if you know what at least one of those things are, that means you are a gamer, and we love you purely for that. As gamers, many of us have come across that kid who lists the specs of their gaming system on their profile to make weaklings not belonging to the PC Master Race feel like peasants.

No longer will Slayer420 claim to have had relations with your mum. Peruse our wares and get rigged so that kid can get "rekt". Experience your game with full audio immersion and hear each enemy footstep to calculate your next move, and conquer them. Grab a graphic gaming t-shirt to celebrate.

If you're not a digital gamer, that's okay too - boardgames galore right this way!

Whichever type of gamer or geek you are, most of us need to face the monotony of having to leave our fortress to slave away at a desk. Take a piece of your world with you and spruce up that desk with some rad and geeky office accessories you'll find nowhere else. Need a mug referencing the cooking of methamphetamine? Of course, we have it - Breaking Bad Mug coming up. They're great conversation starters, however, you may end up being disappointed to find that no one in the office shares the same legendary interests as you.