Now, what would Mantality be without gifts for men? Whether it's a gift for your dad or a gift for your boyfriend, we have gift ideas for every occasion. We also have gift boxes and gift sets if you think your friend, dad or boyfriend deserves more than one gift.

All you need is love, right? Sometimes we need to show the people we care about just how special they are, that's why we've got gifts for every occasion. If you're looking for a gift for your dad, but you're not quite sure what's missing from his everyday life, look no further than an electric shaver. Has he been complaining lately that taking the dog for a walk has been hard work? Spoil your dad with a biltong cutter for his bar or mancave. We know it's not always easy searching for gifts for your dad because it seems as though he's got it all, that's why we've got a great selection of gifts that you might not have even considered. Cool gifts for guys in South Africa is kind of our thing.

If you've got a friend that absolutely loves spending time in the kitchen or in front of the braai, we've got a selection of cooking gifts that'll blow your kitchen loving buddy away. If your friend loves nature we have awesome gifts for outdoorsmen that'll bring out the true adventurer in him. From gifts for foodies to gifts for friends that love being outside, we have you covered!

If you're buying a gift for that friend who enjoys making almost everything himself, why not get him a DIY gift to aid in his projects that shows your support for his passion? Another great gift that's sure to blow your friend away is a liquid plastic welder kit. Yup, that actually exists. If it's a DIY kit for your dad, why not get him a Dad's Mystery Gift Box exclusive to Mantality?

Are you the lucky one that was assigned the task of hosting your best mate's bachelor's party? We have essential bachelor's party gifts that will make you the king of a stag night. We also have gifts for gentlemen if your friend prefers to rather have an alternative get together instead of a full-on bachelor's party.

We know that it's not always fun getting gifts for everyone, especially when it's one of those months where it's 10 of your closest friends' birthday celebrations. That's why we've got gifts under R300 that won't make your wallet take the full punch of birthday month. If you're even more strapped for cash and R300 sounds like a lot of money, we have gifts under R150 such as a pair of stylish Socks and in-car phone holders.

From getting gifts for the old man to getting a gift for your friend that always blows your mind when it comes to his cooking, we won't let you down when spoiling friends and family, even if you have to buy a gift on a budget. Be sure never to run out of gift ideas when you turn to Mantality.