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It's late and you know that if you don't get in the car right away you'll be sitting in your boss's office knowing that you're going to be his next stress reliever. You want to wash your face but you know, you just know that you'll be in that chair, being the next "Horrible Boss" victim. The answer to all your problems… well, most of them anyway? Beard oil. It will leave you smelling great and at the same time, it will be what saves you from being late, and avoiding that office.

Let's say you need more than just a little beard oil. You want to shape it up to get your beard looking on point because you've been wanting that promotion at work longer than Leonardo Dicaprio has been waiting for his Oscar. Mantality's got your back… Or should we say your face… Or your beard. Anyway, we've got great cut throat straight razors that'll leave your beard looking better than Jason Momoa's on the red carpet.

Top it off with a shaving brush so you've got all you need to make the money maker looking great. Speaking of your money maker, here's a great article showing just how much (up to 400% on your shaving bill) by switching to safety razors. Here's also some solid tips for shaving.

Sucker Punch, anyone? And no, we're not talking the kind where you have to fight off samurais and serpents. We mean a facial scrub that's sure to keep you from looking like you've had a beating. Taking care of your best asset is very important, especially if you need that long-awaited promotion. We recommend exfoliating with the punch we've just referenced. We know that long nights at the office tend to make you feel that you're ageing more than you need to. You need not worry about the side effects the stresses at work are bringing upon you. We've got the anti-ageing answer that you've been waiting for right here.

We're advocates for serious rest and relaxation after a long day at work. That's why we recommend you take some much needed "me" time after you've worked up a storm, and we believe that a happy face makes for the best R & R.