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Personal Protection

Protective face masks are a proven barrier against airborne particles entering through your mouth and nose. These combined with protective measures such as frequent handwashing and sanitising are your first line of defense against viruses and bacteria.

Why buy from Mantality? We've been in business since 2008, importing quality products from all corners of the globe. We're a trusted name and not some "fly-by-night operation" trying to cash in on a pandemic, selling whatever we can get our hands on. Our suppliers are thoroughly vetted, and their products meet international standards. The products we supply are used by ourselves and our own families.

Despite an increasing global shortage, we're firmly committed to providing a steady and reliable supply of these essential products by placing frequent orders with our suppliers. Ensure your order is placed early to have stock allocated to you by the time our shipments arrive. Pricing is subject to change daily based on the current rate of exchange.

Attention Please note the following important information.
  • In Stock / Pre-order: Products showing "Ships immediately" are in stock otherwise it will display "Taking pre-orders". By placing a pre-order it ensures that stock is allocated to you once our shipment arrives on a first order basis. When stock is sold out we will place new orders, and update the expected new shipment arrival date on the product page. We have 'Essential Business' status for delivering orders and will send out your order as soon as the stock arrives.
  • Non-essentials: Other non-essential products can still be ordered during this time but will be delivered separately. Only these 'COVID-19 Essentials' products, condoms, personal care items and other Govt approved products will be delivered during lockdown.
  • Bulk Orders: For orders of 5,000 units and more please contact us as we are able to place special orders with a lead time of around 10-12 days from order confirmation and payment.