For our business customers we're able to offer our products at hugely reduced prices. Our products are aimed at online resellers, companies, trade and dropshipping customers that are looking for unique, cool and innovative gifts and products. Our range of wholesale products not only wow customers, but are functional, trendy and leave a lasting impression. We only source quality products for our resellers with good discounts and profit margins.

Our products are perfectly suited for corporate gifts, promotional gifts, online resellers, dropshipping customers and companies having special events.

We offer a large range of gadgets, accessories, gifts and novelty items from a wide variety of categories. See below for a better understanding of the type of products we can offer in bulk at wholesale prices.

Enjoy discounts between 7-35% on some of our most popular lines!

Or are you looking to incentivise or reward your staff with some unique and cool gifts? We're able to supply an XML feed, excel spreadsheet with our products to load onto your store or platform.

Consider us for all your promotional and trade gifting needs:

  • Wholesale gifts/gadgets
  • Corporate gifts
  • Promotional gifts
  • Dropshipping products
  • Business incentive gifts
  • Incentive programs
  • Loyalty gifts
  • Employee rewards
  • Loyalty rewards

Drop us a quick email for specific pricing and further information, click button below to view our corporate and bulk gifts.

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We source some of the coolest products on the planet, from all over the world, and keep them locally in our Johannesburg warehouse. Why not leverage our comprehensive range of nifty products to impress and garner loyalty from your clients and customers.


For our business customers wanting to start their own retail business, we can offer assistance in providing you with some very unique products with healthy profit margins. As well as importing products from both the US and UK we are the South African distributor for a number of popular lines seen on this website - so you're assured wholesale pricing with good profits.

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Wholesale customers can expect:

  • Our products to be good sellers
  • Large range of the coolest gadgets and gifts for men
  • eCommerce enabled B2B Dealer site where live stock figures can be seen, and orders can be placed
  • Quick turnaround time for order deliveries, responses and quotes
  • We hold stock on premises, as well as import for bulk quantities to ensure the largest and best selection
  • We offer a full dropship service where you do not need to hold any stock


Sometimes you just want to focus on sales and building a brand, and not have to worry about all the behind-the-scenes stuff like logistics, holding stock, personnel, insurance, dealing with couriers etc. Dropshipping is a convenient way to just get into the online retail space without all the hassle surrounding it.

In 2011 Men's Republic was one of the 1st, if not the 1st, dropshipping supplier in South Africa. Our growing range of unique and trendy products can be offered with a quality service to match. You'll notice that our wholesale and dropshipping website has fewer products than Mantality. The reason is that we will only offer that products where we can give good profit margins to our dropship resellers.

Benefits of dropshipping with us:

  • We have a growing range of products designed for men and gifting. We are adding new products to the range frequently. This means you can always offer fresh new products to your customers.
  • You don't need to hold stock and can focus on more important business functions
  • We can provide you with an XML feed to integrate with your online store and automate product info loading, as well as live stock availability.
  • You'll have access to an eCommerce enabled B2B Dealer site where live stock figures can be seen, and orders can be placed
  • Quick turnaround time for order deliveries, queries, and quotes.
  • We're based in Johannesburg, South Africa so you can advertise our products with a 1-3 working days lead time and not 10-20 days like other dropshipping suppliers who are based internationally. There is also the issue of your customers having to pay vat and duties for packages coming from abroad, which they will not be pleased about
  • All dropship orders are sent via a trusted local courier company to the customer's doorstep
  • You will be provided with all tracking information once your customer's dropship orders are dispatched

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