14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

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With the days of renewabe energy upon us, it's time to learn about how alternative energy types can work!

The 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit allows you to construct a robot out of various parts allowing the robot to go in water in addition to land! The kit is completely powered by solar energy, so there are no batteries required!

There are various building levels with level 1 for the amateurs and level 2 for the pro's! You can control the direction by changing the polarity, which will reverse the direction of the motors. You can see what's happening within the kit thanks to the transparent housing which allows you to see gears moving.


  • The head can be stored in the body, front, top or rear.
  • Build your own solar powered robot
  • 14 different combinations to make
  • Adjustable polarity to change direction
  • Works on land or water
  • Learn about renewable energy

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