Braai & Cooking

Your passion for cooking should go well beyond the kitchen, and outside to the braai. The braai is a popular choice for South Africans thanks to its versality as a cooking tool in any aspiring braaimaster’s arsenal. Being able to make a good fire for your braai is an essential part of the outdoor cooking process.

Fire lighters and charcoal will do the trick, but if you have the time then go with some good quality wood which will give you the best tasting meat – even if it does take a little longer, you’ll taste the difference right away. Be careful though as temperatures around the fire, and the surfaces of the braai itself can get pretty darn hot. So consider a good pair of braai gloves to protect your hands and forearms. A good pair of braai gloves will last a lifetime, so are a worthwhile accessory if you’re serious about cooking. Meat and food preparation is also vitally important.

And if you are looking to extending the life of your grill, as well as being able to cook all types of food on the braai such as meat, fish veggies and more, then you need to check out these braai mats.

A good combination of meat marinades, spices and sauces is an important part of ensuring your meat and ingredients are juicy and packed full of flavour. There’s cooking gadgets like the meat marinade syringe available to ensure this flavour is injected right into the meat. Gadgets like these will also cut down the time needed for marinating – so a perfect choice when you need to braai in a hurry and don’t have time to leave the meat in a marinade overnight. If you’re cooking up burgers on the braai, then step up your game with a quality burger press that’ll shape and compress your burger to perfection.

The key to a good braai is having well prepared meat and ingredients, grilling at the right temperature, for the correct amount of time for the way you like your meat. All of which take a little practice to get right but is a ton of fun getting there.