ThumbsUp! products are some of the quirkiest and innovative gifts and gadgets on the planet. Our thumbsUp! range has a little something for everyone, and their exceptional quality means you’re getting an excellent product. Buy ANY 3 thumbsUp! products for R60 off your order. Minimum order value of R250 before discount can be applied.

R99.00 R149.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R50.00
R399.00 R449.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R50.00
R995.00 (Incl V.A.T.)
R22.00 R49.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R27.00
R349.00 R399.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R50.00
R326.55 R399.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R72.45
R49.00 R95.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R46.00
R95.00 (Incl V.A.T.)
R185.00 (Incl V.A.T.)
R190.00 (Incl V.A.T.)
R195.00 (Incl V.A.T.)