Troika is a world leader in high design, playful gifts, and accessories for the discerning professional. Its well designed products are made of high grade materials with impeccable finish. Creating joyful products that are user friendly, tactile and of lasting value.

Troika is the winner of over 60 design prizes, including the prestigious Red Dot award, German Design award, and the Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum.

The company lives by its motto, "freude schenken", roughly translated out of German as "be delighted". With Troika's great product line of wonderful gifts, they have been delighting gift givers and recipients alike for over 40 years.

R299.00 R379.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R80.00
R1,099.00 R1,499.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R400.00
R795.00 R879.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R84.00
R1,349.00 R1,579.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R230.00
R1,799.00 R2,749.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R950.00
R649.00 R999.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R350.00
R1,049.00 R1,219.00 (Incl V.A.T.) You save: R170.00