Ice Stones (set of 9) Whiskey Stones

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What are whiskey stones? When you're a fine whiskey, cognac or spirits drinker you know that water dilution is the enemy. Gently chill your drinks with these Ice Stones, and keep all those wonderful flavours and aromas intact. Pop these stones in the freezer for a few hours then add them to your favourite drink, and watch how they quickly bring the temperature down of your drink, to perfect sipping levels. You don't want your sipping drinks too cold, like from ice cubes, because much of the volatile flavours and aromas are lost. Why pay all that money for good spirits, when you're losing half their charm.

They're not just for whiskey or spirits, and can be used in wine and cocktails. If you are throwing a party then you will need some drinking accessories. Pair up your beverages with these smart Grey Ice Stones. Simply pop them into the freezer for a few hours and you are ready to chill your drinks!

Make sure you keep the stones washed and clean. Simply freeze the stones. Add three to your next drink, let stand for five minutes and enjoy.


  • Sold as a set of nine in a presentation box with velvet pouch
  • Keep your drink ice cold and undiluted with these Ice Stones
  • To use simply place in the freezer for a few hours and put into your glass
  • Soapstone cubes
  • Retains their temperature for extended periods of time
  • Set of nine
  • Chill your spirits without diluting it. Perfect for chilling spirits whilst retaining the same great flavour
  • Please ensure the stones are washed and dried before placing back in the storage bag

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